The Law Offices of Robert L. Goldstein specialize in resolving IRS and state tax problems throughout the United States.

The firm represents clients who require the following services:

  • Offer in Compromise
  • Levy and Garnishment Release
  • Collection Representation and Penalty Abatement
  • Bankruptcy for taxes and other debts
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • IRS and State tax audits
  • Tax Court representation
  • Innocent Spouse claims
  • Estate & Trust Planning
  • Criminal Tax Investigation Representation
  • Foreign Account and Foreign Income Disclosures
  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (amnesty) Representation

If you have not filed tax returns or you owe taxes you cannot afford to pay, contact us today. We will file your past due tax returns, even if you do not have your records. You may be eligible to pay only pennies on the dollar for back taxes you owe with an offer in compromise. You may also be eligible to get rid of some or all of your taxes in bankruptcy as the firm is a debt relief agency providing bankruptcy services.

Remember, your privacy is only safe with an attorney.

To schedule your FREE consultation, please contact us toll free 1-888-TAX-EXIT or Email Us.

The Law Offices of Robert L. Goldstein is a designated debt relief agency which helps people and businesses file bankruptcy.